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Express Oil Mill - Greenwood, MS

In 2015 Express Grain acquired Delta Oil Mill in Greenwood, MS.
Express Grain began immediately converting the cotton mill over to a modern soybean processing facility.

Today, Express Oil Mill is fully operational and processes soybeans from local farmers in the Mississippi Delta and surrounding areas.

Express Oil Mill is the only soybean processor in the state of Mississippi. Last year we processed over 10 million bushels of soybeans. The products created from this process include soy meal, hulls, pellets and soybean oil.

The soybean oil is then processed at our new Biodiesel plant in Greenwood. Giving Express Grain the opportunity to provide the Mississippi Delta and beyond with a consistent source for renewable energy.

This process improves producer logistics, reduces growers costs and provides marketing programs for local Mississippi producers in ever expanding markets.
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Greenwood, MS 38930
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