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Express Grain Terminal - Sidon, MS

Express Grain Terminals location in Sidon, MS has been in operation since 2007 serving the Mississippi Delta and Hill regions. Local farmers produce some of the best crops in the United States and bring them to Express Grain where they are marketed throughout the world.
The facility operates large capacity dryers which reduce the crops moisture content on site, thus allowing farmers to sell their crop immediately upon harvest.
A mile and half railroad spur with loading capabilities allows Express Grain to load and ship up to 110 cars of grain to anywhere in the United States within 48 hours.
The Sidon facility has the capability of storing over 4 million bushels of grain. Soybeans stored at the Sidon location are transferred to our Oil Mill operation in Greenwood, where they are processed into several products, including biodiesel.
23248 County Road 512
Sidon, MS 38954
Robert Storey

Express Grain Terminals, LLC
808 12th Street
Greenwood, MS 38930

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