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Soybean Oil

Liquid soybean oil is low in saturated fat, contains no trans fat, and is high in poly­ and monounsaturated fats. It's also the principal source of omega­3 fatty acids and the primary commercial source of vitamin E in the U.S. diet.

High Protein Soybean Meal

Soybean meal is a co-product of the soybean oil milling process. Soybean meal serves as an excellent protein source for beef cattle diets and is often the "gold standard" protein supplement to which other feed supplements are compared. Soy meal is a major ingredient in poultry, beef, dairy, and swine diets around the U.S.

Soybean Hulls & Pellets

Soybean hulls are a co-product of the soybean oil milling process and are widely used in Mississippi beef cattle diets. Soybean hulls are a relatively good energy source, particularly in forage-based diets.


Express Grain's Biodiesel plant uses 100% local soybean oil produced onsite at the Greenwood Oil Mill. Biodiesel is most commonly used as a blend with petroleum diesel fuel.
Express Grain Biodiesel meets standards set by the American Society of Testing Materials.

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