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January 16, 2020   |  News

New Trade Agreement With China Signed

Phase One of the long-awaited new trade agreement between the US and China was finally signed in Washington. The agreement spells out the new terms of trade, increased trading volumes between the countries, and a vast array of new concessions that China has agreed to in order to make trade with the US easier, more efficient, and more impactful. It is simply astonishing at the various protocol concessions accepted by China. US meats only from FSIS approved plants, US rice only from APHIS approved warehouses, and on and on. This is not how China has conducted its business in the past. There is a 30 day implementation period before the agreement goes live. With the dramatic change from the normal way it has conducted business in the past, the question is whether the Chinese will follow through. For years and years, China has been known for not doing so. This will be their test to prove to the world that they are in the process of changing their culture. We have listened to what they have said. Now, we will watch what they will do. The market will react to their actions. Click on the links below for more information.

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